Sentinel~Murader | Watchman~Annihilation: Voidstar PvP by isaachardee
Class: Jedi Sentinel | Category: Warzone
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Hey Guys!

This is a quick video I decided to put up just to show you the abilities of the Watchman/Annihilation spec.
I have heard many remarks about how Sentinels/Muraders need buffs, but I beg to differ...

The main problem with our class is NOT, our class. It is the ability lag, server lag, and the many other
bugs/glitches this game currently has. The class has a very high learning curve and without the ability to
use multiple keybinds at one time, our class might seem quite frustrating and awkward.

I hope you guys enjoy the video and if you have ANY questions, please post a comment.

PS: I will be putting up a tutorial about how to play the Sentinel/Murader class. I'll keep ya posted.
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