Lumiya - Battlemaster Sith-Assasin by iingling
Class: Sith Assassin | Category: Open PvP
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Movie Summary
Hi all ,

This is my first "Star Wars: The Old Republic" PvP Movie.
I play an Sith-Assassin on the German (Sorry in advance for my bad english) Server Jar' Kai Sword.
I'm using the Build 7 /31 / 3 (
Some Footage is Pre 1.1 Patch, means you will see some Lowbie Fights in the Beginning of this Movie and my Progress from T1-T3 Gear.

Please Read before watching !

This Movie serves Entertaining purpose only !

What can you expect?

-Video editing (More then in other Movies, DO NOT watch if you don't like Movie Effects! )

-Only 1v1 and 2v1, no group ganking !

-Warzones and Open PvP Gameplay.

-Cooldown and Biochem usage.

-HD Footage

If you do not have any Probelms with the above listing feel free to enjoy the Movie.
You'r Feedback will decide if I edit another one !
This Movie was a hard Piece of work, I hope some of you like it, so all the time I invested was not wasteful at all !

Have fun watching !

Thanks for giving it a Try and Bye !

Tracklist :

Korn ft. BlueStahli : Coming Undone

Marilyn Manson: The Bright young Things

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