Wrath of Xath - Pyro Powertech PvP by Xath
Class: Powertech | Category: Open PvP
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Xath - Battlemaster Pyrotech Powertech on the server Mask of Nihilus. This video is a presentation of what the Pyro spec for Powertech is capable of in PvP.

I make clever use of terrain and GCD combinations to get the most out of my class. But most of all, I follow a strict hybrid Priority/Rotation combination of abilities to boost my damage well above just about any other class in the game, and above every class in PvP.

My Spec is 2/8/31 and I really focus on Rail Shot as my biggest damage dealer. I also time Thermal Detonator to explode with my Rail Shots to burst people down faster than they even realize they need healing.

On my server Mask of Nihilus, I am in the biggest and most revered PvP guild Hadouken. Feel free to contact me in-game or by any other means to discuss mechanics and gearing of the Powertech for Pyrotech spec. Leave Questions/Comments below as well!

Thank you for watching, and hope my video was entertaining!
Iso for Emperor!
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