Fall of the Locust - Jedi Sentinal POV by James Wragg
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Fall of the Locust, filmed in Taris and recorded from a Jedi Sentinal Point of View.

In this video you get to see what exactally happens in this dungeon, how you defeat the boss and tack on group convos when rollin with others.

==Important Stuff==
Star Wars The Old Republic, belongs to Lucasarts, Electronic Arts & Bioware, No copyright is intended and is uploaded for entertainment purposes only.

Star Wars intro music (10 Seconds of it) is also used with no copyright intended, is credited to Lucasarts and Star wars itself, NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED.

Remaining music is used under Royalty free music provided by Jamendo.com provided credit is given.

Artist: Kanchi - http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/85846

==Song tracks==
0.7 - 4.01 - Kanchi - Beyond Silence:
4.01 - 7.03 - Run Crazy Run by Kanchi:
9.11 - 10.45 Same song restarting due to cutscene
10.46 - 15.02 - Wheels on Step by Kanchi:
15.03 17.16 - Scooby Sam by Kanchi:

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