Wrath of Xath 2 - Feed the Machine by Xath
Class: Powertech | Category: Warzone
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Movie Summary
Xath - 50 Pyrotech Powertech
Hadouken - Mask of Nihilus

This is the second part in the Wrath of Xath series! More Battlemaster gear, more ownage, and less zooming as some have complained about.

Since the first video, I have changed my spec to get the most out of my class. I am now 8/6/27. I dropped Thermal Detonator for the 9% Aim bonus in Shield Tech tree. Here is a link to my spec: http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#301hMhZMsZfhrbzGhMM.1

For those of you interested in my gear:

Even with the Surge nerf, I am able to consistently get 5k+ Rail Shots, and 2k-3k Rocket Punches. And that's achieved with my gear, as well as my spec, in addition to 1 Adrenal, Explosive Fuel, and Relic.

Feel free to place questions and comments here, or contact me in-game! I am more than happy to answer them!
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