Voidstar - 520k Damage - Jedi Sentinel Watchmen by TOOpowerfulGaming
Class: Jedi Sentinel | Category: Warzone
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If you want to know how to take on a group with 4 Healers in Voidstar, this Video will show you how. Essentially be the most annoying pain in the ass towards the healers because if there too busy healing themselves, then their dps are fresh meat for your companions. Enjoy :D

Damage: 524806
Deaths: 3

I'm gonna be making a series from now on where I upload 1 PVP video each day showcasing either a really good game or a game where I commentate on strategy/tactics during the gameplay.

Spec/Build: http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#501bIrRroMcGzZhRbM.1

Talon - Solaris
Rameses B - Visionary
Matduke - Enhanced Reality
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