Remedy III by LordRemedy
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Remedy here! First i will say Hydra is my biggest inspiration, he made me want to play a disc priest in wow and become the best at it i possibly could when i saw his movies i was so inspired. When i started making swtormovies the sole reason was to possibly inspire people like he did for me and let them se what this class can really do. So here it is some decent clips taking over a few weeks after 1.2 hit mostly Qing solo although i did Q up with a few friends at times Kiyoma,Genocidal,Madball,Hopeful,Voyle,Tetra,Rudeboi and many others sorry for those i missed. Also this is not a competition i just enjoy making movies so anyone is welcome to post their movie in my comments aslong as you rate me high as i most likely did for you :) Shout out to all who have played with me on Wound in The Force server Ty and Enjoy!!

Song List:
1.Nine Inch Nails - Meet your master (Le pig remix)
2.Camo & Crooked feat TC - Make the call (Drum and bass mix)
3.Arty Mat Zo - Mozart(john gold remix)
4.Madeon - Pop Culture
5.The Glitch Mob - Drive it like you stole it

I play 5/31/5 by far the worst spec but i make it work :) Of course i could make a movie playing madness with 1v2/1v3s all over the place but the slow dot damage is just not as fun to watch as lightning POWA!
SORRY for the website being crap and it not working go to this link to watch > :)
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