SWToR - Sith Sorcerer - Level 50 PvP/PvE by fleurs
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Movie Summary
Character Name: Fleurs
Server: Legions of Lettow EU
Guild: Redrum Inc

Things to note!

I am indeed in full PvE gear, no PvP items what so ever because I'm super unlucky when it comes to those bags :(

3:25 onwards is PvE. Just 2 Hard mode boss kills of HK-47 and Malgus. The Hard Modes themselves are not very challenging unless they're bugged.

I'm absolutely a wear that during the PvP part of this video the opposing team is either rubbish or full of level 30's. This I cant change the Warzones are not levelled off so I cant control what kind of players I come against!

This video is not a demonstration of skill, its more so I can show bits of game play, Sith Sorcerer mechanics and so on. I am Corruption specced which is the healing tree. Any sort of feedback would be much appreciated!

Last but not least I'd like to thank all of my followers for supporting me and the following players of Legions of Lettow EU;

Tea (Fiancée)
Nagonian (The Irish Donkey Man)
Khyra (Irish Brother #1)
Ish (Irish Brother #2)
Jarij (Tim)
Adealia (Evil Republic #1)
Epo (Evil Republic #2)
Rews (The Silent Man)

Next week we will be doing the Nightmare Raid content so for those that are interested you can expect some footage of that!
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