690 Expertise - Battle Master - Deception Assassin - PvP by Dice
Class: Sith Assassin | Category: Warzone
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Greetings all!
I was surprised by the lack of PvP videos for Assassins out there so I put together one. This is not any type of skill presentation video and strictly serves Entertaining purpose only, you will see some lowbies in the beginning and under geared opponents, something I can not control in the game.

The first 3 clips are from pre 1.1 Patch in mixed brackets but after its all 50 brackets vs geared opponents including Battle Masters.

This is my first video so I apologize ahead for editing.

This Video is for Entertaining purposes only! Please read before watching, might save you 15 mins of your time.

Do not watch this video if you:
donít like fast passed combat
donít like cool down abuse and usage
don't like big crits
donít like stance dancing
donít like club and house music
donít like assassins

Do watch this video if you:
Like all above

Link to the build I am using:


Q: Why 2 points in Insulation?
A: It adds a little bit over 5% damage reduction. Since you will be using surge charge most of the time its one of the best talents you can get specially for being a squishy Assassin ÔĀä

Q: Why only 1 point in Duplicity?
A: Itís just a point filler. If I had a choice to skip it I would never pick this talent. Maul is not worth using in a current state due to positioning requirement and laggy gameplay. Besides Maul just doesnít fit into rotation even with a proc.

Q: Why 1 point in Obfuscation(Stealth)?
A: Again just a filler for quick Energy regen out of stealth. You fights are out of stealth and 10 second regen is not worth 3 points.

Q:Why not chain shock build?
A: Iíve tried it many times and dmg is just not there specially vs high armor targets where Surging Charge gives you 9% Armor Pen.

Q: Why pick talents up to Lighting recovery?
A: Itís the best mobility and survivability talent you can get. Reduces cd on your main abilities you use every fight. Do I need to say more?

Q: What is the best opener for Assassin?
A: Always Force Slow!! Low energy cost, great out of stealth opener, slows your target, crits iof your Reckless charges.

Your feedback for this video will determine my future productions. If it kept you entertained even for a minute then my work succeeded.

Thanks for swinging by and May the Foce be with you!
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