★ SWTOR: Jedi Guardian (Focus) PvP Guide - everything you need to know by LucielaTOR
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SWTOR: Jedi Guardian (Focus) PvP Guide

Hey guys, I'll be quitting this game soon due to various reasons.
But before I go, I made this guide because I wanted to leave behind some sort of legacy.

I made this video to answer all (or hopefully most) of the questions any of you might have, so I tried to explain all the basics. If you are already an experienced guardian pvper some or most of the things stated may be obvious to you, depending on how advanced you are.

I tend to go over things very quickly, so you may have to pause the video frequently if needed.

EVERYTHING that I learned hard ways from practice, experience, and trial and error over the past 2 months I will try to explain concisely as possible in this guide. I want to share all my knowledge with the community and fellow guardians. Many of the things that allowed me to achieve extreme amount of damage have been nerfed - however, following this guide will still help you increase your damage output and become a better player.

I want many of you as possible to become great at PvP and carry on from where I left as this game evolves.

Part 1: PvP Guide

1. Talent (0:42)
-mostly basic stuff
-explains why i took some talents

2. Itemization (1:56)
-stat priority
-how to judge whether one item is better than the other
-how to optimize your gear
-at the end of this part, I show all my items slot by slot

3. Openers / Rotation (5:34)
-demonstration of different openers and rotations
-explain pros and cons of each
-maximizing damage and efficiency
-tips on basic play / how you should be setting up bursts

4. Improving your game (9:26)
-shows some useful techniques
-how to effectively use various skill
-how to play the class to its fullest potential

Part 2: state of end game PvP and its flaws (coming later)
Part 3: my idea on how to fix this game (coming later)

1 = strike (almost never use)
2 = sunder armor
3 = riposte (never use)
4 = dispatch
5 = saber ward
G = introspection
F = mount
T = cc break
R = interrupt
B = throw huttball
shift+G = enure
ctrl+1 = force leap
ctrl+2 = freezing force
ctrl+3 = force sweep
ctrl+4 = blade storm
ctrl+5 = awe
alt+1 = zealous leap
alt+2 = force exhaustion
alt+3 = force stasis
alt+4 = combat focus
alt+5 = master strike
alt+W = guardian leap
ctrl+W = target nearest ally
shift+1 = companion attack
shift+2 = companion passive
shift+Q = saber throw
shift+W = sprint
alt+Q = force push
ctrl+T = cyclone slash
ctrl+G = guard
F1 = relic
F2 = relic
F3 = relic
F4 = adrenal
shift+R = medpack
shift+5 = AOE taunt
ctrl+t = taunt
mouse button 4 = stim
mouse button 5 = class buff
middle mouse button = autorun
shift+scroll up = shii-cho form
shift+scroll down = soresu form
ctrl+R = shockfrozen water


(Forum thread - would be great if it gets a sticky, but maybe im hoping too much)
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