Shinarika II - Jedi Shadow PvP by Shinarika
Class: Jedi Shadow | Category: Open PvP
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Jedi Shadow PvP
The Corsair

Specs used:

31/0/10 "Kinetic PvP" spec. (
0/31/10 "Infiltration burst" spec. (


Welcome! This is the second entry to a new saga of Shadow PvP. This video features mainly Kinetic Combat as the primary spec. I have to admit, KC is just far superior in PvP than infiltration or balance could ever hope to offer. I'm not really proud to say that, as I have a soft spot for infiltration. However, I must be realistic and face the facts. KC offers such great utility and group assistance. It's also quite tanky and you don't have to shy away from using guard now! Overall, not only will the spec attain more medals, but you will be helping your team far more than you can imagine.

I would hope Infiltration receives some love in the future. The damage is just about 'okay' for the rather weak survivability and utility it offers. Don't be fooled by big numbers. In competitive group PvP, they are meaningless. A shout out to Watchmen and Light Tempest! Along with all the loveable imps on The Corsair and that silly Konichiwa who needs to reroll!

Track List:

Richard Wagner - Ride of Valkyries
The's - The Barracuda
Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place
Metric - Black Sheep
Zelazowa - Numbers
Thomas Tantrum - Rage Against The Tantrum

Tools used:

Sony Vegas
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