Tarair 2.0 - Pyrotech and the Huttball: SWTOR Mercenary PVP by tarair
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SWTOR Mercenary PVP [Guide]
Tarair 2.0 - Pyrotech and the Huttball

Hey folks,

#Better QUALITY @Youtube Stream (dunno why wcm bitches around)

this is my second PVP Video. After my last video was about the heal/arsenal hybrid specc in voidstar, this time it's a how to Pyrotech and Huttball with ingame commentary. It addresses beginners having trouble in Huttball but can also be interesting for intermediate and advanced Pyrotechs (Mercenary).

Content: All footage is from solo queueing and random Warzones against atleast t2 geared players.

Comparison Pyrotech: Merc vs Powertech

depends on playstyle which one you prefer (for me its merc).
the overall dmg by merc and powertech as pyrotech is about the same. but it is a different playstyle. powertech has to go meele, while merc can stay at range.

- meele, kick, more reliable burst due to recklessness (25% crit for 15sec), carbonize, grip, (possability to swap cylinder and guard your heal), taunt
- range, heals, dispel, concussion missile, knockback

Comparison: Pyrotech vs Arsenal

- Great Burst
- High Mobility
- Kiting Efficiency
- Survivability

- Low Mobility
- Awesome Nuke
- Strongest Knockbacks ingame

Important Debuffs that you can cure as Merc:
Sniper: General -> Diversion (45% Miss)
Lethality -> DoTs
Marauder: General -> (20%) MS Debuff (till patch)
Annihilation -> DoTs
Bounty Hunter: Pyro -> Incendiary Missile

most of the remaining debuffs are force (sorcerer & warrior smash-specc) and therefore not affected by your cure.
Feel free to remind me of missing debuffs!

Short Terminology for Troopers:

Incendiary Missile Incendiary Round
Thermal Detonator Assault Plastique
Rail Shot High Impact Round
Unload Full Auto
Rocket Punch Stockstrike
Fusion Missile Plasma Grenade

Scan: Stealth Scan
Stun: Electro Dart Cryo Grenade
CC: Concussion Missile Concussive Round
Dispels: Cure Mind Purify Mind

Blow (Justin Sane Remix)
KIRA - Step
Adrian Lux feat. Lune - Fire (Preview)
Ellie Goulding - Lights (Fytch Remix)

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