Naomi Chomsky - Duel and Warzone Fun! by Naomi Chomsky
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I hope i can fulfil alot of viewer requests with this video, i put in a nice duel, the rest is unfortunately random warzone action again, since open world pvp doesnt really exist at the moment. And before people come again rambling about how bad i play, my videos are just for fun i hope they are entertaining, im not claiming to be the best pvper! So sit back, relax and enjoy! :)

Scenes taken from end of march 2012 at Darth Traya Server (EU) on Ilum, the Empire Fleet and the 3 warzones, swtor 1.1.5, skilltree (3/7/31):

Clan: ANG

Fabulous Disaster - Flesh And Bones
Melanie Safka - I Don't Eat Animals
Hi-Standard - Dear My Friends
Die Ärzte - Das System
James Horner - The Legend Spreads
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Temporary Trip
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