Bounty Hunter Mercenary PvP Gameplay by ElMachete
Class: Mercenary | Category: Warzone
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Movie Summary
Machete usually don't text, so pay attention.

This is a PvP Gameplay Video Machete made during last night, besides 13 doritos and 4 women. Just kidding, there were only 10 doritos.

Don't expect much editing or leet skills, the video is very simple and old fashoined. Machete don't like that queer cinematic stuff.


- Hutball
- Alderaan
- Full game of Voidstar
- Dual Pistols
- FIRE (e.g. vicious traps, Flamethrower)
- A lot of chopping and smashing

NOT includes:

- Doritos
- Sexy chicks
- Open PvP

Sadly, there is no Open PvP around Machetes level. He searched for victims all over Tatooine without success. Where are those Republic skunks?

Don't be confused by the fact that there are lvl 10 and lvl 30 players inside the same warzone. Healthpoints and damage are matched.

At least, feel forced to visit:
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