SWTOR: Pvp: SkyStep Series #4 - The Call (Part 3) by Skyrush
Class: Jedi Sentinel | Category: Warzone
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Part 3 of The call, Teaming up with Burster Jojel and Nef'ertiti from Coral Tofn. for another warzone, anyway plz enjoy another episode of Skystep.

SWTOR: Pvp: SkyStep Series #4 - The Crisis (Part3)
Tomb of Freedon Nadd Eu

Contains one Match of Warzone, more like a show of gameplay/PoV of Sentinel - Combat and Objectives

This video is part of Tekken parody, and also contain's
Mortal Kombat-Tekken Announcer voice's and Tekken Soundtrack,

I DO NOT OWN THEM. All material use for this video belong
to the rightfully owner's


[ Track List ]:

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix Music - Master, Tell Me the Truth
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