SWTOR Operative Medic PVP Healing Voidstar Uncut by Dartmed
Class: Operative | Category: Warzone
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Pure Specced Healer Operative in an uncut voidstar match .

Main goals in my current game play are the following

1) Keep 2 stacks of Kolto Probe Up on as many ppl possible (triage is mandatory) for best proactive healing and multiplied Tactical Advantage proc Chance

2)Keep Stim Boost Up

3)Cast Recuperative Nanotech when allies are stacked for maximum effect

4)Use Injection or Infusion to bring ppl up and spam Surgical Prob on life threatening situations

5)Avoid deeping my energy (use Diagnostic scan to bring it up , using trinket occasionaly)

6)Save myself when getting focused upon very often .....)

7)Apply pressure when healing is under control
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